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1 True Health – Care Management, Inc.

1 True Health – Care Management is a technology-enabled clinical services company based in Austin, TX that offers Virtual First Preventative Care through delightful services and intelligent software to help our patients better manage chronic and acute conditions. We partner with Clinical Practices, Hospitals, and Senior Living Communities to serve their patients with regular, recurring communication, disease-specific, and health/wellness education.


84 million Americans avoid a top-9 allergen food product and anaphylactic reactions are up almost 400%, with over half of all fatal reactions happening outside the home. Restaurants are estimated to be losing $45M in revenue per week ($2B per year!) because food allergy families are avoiding restaurant dining. Allergood is a B2B software solution bringing transparency to food allergen information through digital allergen menus that empower consumers and help restaurants grow revenues, accelerate service, and reduce liability.


Allison is a low code platform that enables businesses to integrate with Community Banks & Credit Unions to create financial products, through automation workflows.


Allobee provides innovative support to businesses doing good in the world through our vetted freelance workforce and artificial intelligence so they can make a larger impact. We take away the decision fatigue and overwhelm and provide a stress free freelancing and outsourcing experience.


We help payments companies proactively retain more customers/merchants by identifying who will churn and why, up to 12 months in advanced with over 90% accuracy.

BEAM Dynamics

There are billions of technology assets missing critical security patches, firmware updates and general maintenance. The problem is highly prevalent in the film, broadcast & pro-av industry where ensuing downtime, security breaches and preventable issues cost the industry billions each year.BEAM provides engineers in the industry with dynamic updates directly from thousands of OEMs and provides them a platform to manage every piece of technical equipment regardless of the manufacturer.

CareWork, Inc.

CareWork is the provider of the most comprehensive, scalable performance and operations platform for long-term care and senior living. We provide an integrated solution that eliminates duplicate work and manual administrative tasks. We take the data providers need from the systems they already use to provide a home base for data-driven operations. CareWork unifies operations giving teams access to consolidated analytics, workflow, and communication so teams can get back to resident care.

Carpool Logistics

Shipping a car is a disaster! It's slow, unreliable, and has no transparency. We're building a platform to connect companies shipping vehicles with car haulers in minutes, not days. How we’re different: • PREDICTABLE SHIPPING: Automatically book and assign carriers. • FULL TRANSPARENCY: Vehicle tracking from origin to destination. • OPTIMIZE BY POOLING: Industry’s first consolidation technology. • REDUCE EMISSIONS: Efficiency will help cut CO2 emissions by 500k/yr.


We reduce the cloud cost of our customers by 50 to 75%, in minutes. Automatically.

CIRT (Can I Recycle This, Inc.)

There are over 9,000 recycling areas in the US alone with different rules and regulations in each. These areas change frequently due to legislation, end markets/buyers, infrastructure, new materials entering the waste stream, and more. This, coupled with archaic recycling communication leads to confusion causing contamination and landfilling of otherwise recyclable material and leakage of litter into the environment and our oceans. This is a recipe for one of the many global economic and environ

Coginiti Corp

We provide tools for business analysts, engineers and their partners to build insights and collaborate around the use of data in the enterprise. We are at the forefront of a new wave of tools which empower business teams to create sophisticated analysis on large volumes of data without waiting on a central technical organization.


600,000+ people come home a year from prison. 70+ thousand return to NYC, just as I did in 2018 when I was released. The time between connecting with essential providers is 3-6 months for just a few services such as healthcare, mental health, and job training. And with hundreds of staffing agencies, nonprofits, a one employment specialist, the unemployment rate is still 31% among this population. ConConnect solves this through faster connectivity with tech.


Cooleaf helps create stronger, more engaged teams through immersive experiences, performance incentives, and recognition.


CROOW is designed to be the next generation of software that enables companies to breakthrough barriers and accelerate growth. It is more than a project management platform and is a collaboration platform that enables creative and video teams to rise above the logistics and mundane tasks that weigh teams down.


Cuemby Cloud Platform (CCP) is a Platform as a Service for distributed cloud software to simplify complex layers of cloud native infrastructure and software lifecycle. CCP encompasses all necessary layers of cloud native infrastructure to successfully deploy, manage and run distributed software, covering Kubernetes configuration, cybersecurity, networking, product delivery and application operation. It also provides industry specific enablement platform for sectors such as FinTech, Blockchain...

Deposits Inc

Deposits sit at the convergence of software, banking, and payments. Our low-code platform levels the playing field and enables you to deliver the best experiences in money and financial services for your community.

DUKE is a virtual bot that automates transportation and logistics document processing for applications such as payment processing, invoicing, bookkeeping and accounting.

EcoMap Technologies

EcoMap Technologies is a fast-growing SaaS company that creates platforms to power ecosystems, from local communities to entire industries. Think about how often you have asked yourself “Who is doing what?” within your local community, industry, or corporate network. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a platform you could use to and see exactly what organizations are working on, what resources exist, and how people are connected? We build platforms that make these ecosystems easier to access

Everyware Worldwide Inc

Everyware is a platform that supports card present and card not present payment methods. With Everyware, merchants can offer customers the convenience of payment choice: Contactless Pay by Text, Pay by Email, Hosted Checkout, eCommerce plugins, Card Swipe, Tap, Virtual Terminal Key,


Businesses have growing third party networks that need to meet certain qualifications in order to do business. The Evident platform manages and automates the communication of requirements, collection of evidence from third parties and authoritative data sources, and determination whether or not that third party meets qualifications, all via a SaaS platform.

EyeGage, Inc.

EyeGage allows high-risk workplaces to stay ahead of accidents with confidence – quickly and accurately screening for substances prior to operating equipment. The EyeGage solution saves time, money, and lives, while inherently reducing the negative impacts of substance abuse on families and communities. EyeGage runs on a mobile device that captures a snapshot of your eyes then assesses impairment.

F3TCH, Inc.

F3TCH is a mobile app for hotels and resorts. We replace and modernize the guest room telephone, you know that kind of gross, yellowed antique the hotels provide their guests for communications with the hotel? That device you did not want to touch before COVID and now, with COVID, even less? By using today’s modern technology, we now enable guest and hotels to “talk” in a more meaningful way (Voice, Text, and Rich Text) and allow hotels to further enhance the guest experience.

femPAQ Inc.

A femPAQ, we take the oops out of unexpected periods by providing accessible period care in every place womxn exist. We do this by providing a convenient sustainable emergency kit that help businesses improve productivity, boost company morale but most all it helps to create a more inclusive environment for their menstruating customers and employees.


FlowPath is modern software for maintaining the world's facilities and infrastructure. FlowPath solves the complexity of managing facilities of single-campus and multi-location organizations. Existing facilities software is complicated, modular, outdated, and siloed for companies large and small that want to standardize processes across locations, integrate vendors into workflows, and capitalize on operational efficiencies as they scale.

Flyp Financial

Flyp is a fintech HQ in Charlotte that offers a modern mobile social way to manage your finances. The app is designed to engage the user more than any financial app in the market. Problem - The traditional banking model excludes a huge portion of the US, and the fintech space is crowded with people that have the exact same offering.


We’re a learning and development platform that spans the employee lifecycle. Unlike other solutions that rely on top-down program delivery, we flipped the old ways of learning on their head, bringing high-quality and accredited development to entire workforces, not just executives. The lightweight implementation and elegant user experience provides client administrators with a full 360 view of real-time date, engagement metrics, and actionable insights that drive ROI.


Greenlist is a peer-to-peer returns platform, allowing retailers and shoppers to save time, hassle and money by routing returns directly from the returning customer to the next shopper. Returns are an increasingly expensive and pollutive problem, and greenlist helps reduce cost and the environmental impact while more effectively capturing customer demand.

Harness Technologies, Inc.

Consumers have no control over their payment cards. Currently, issuers set the primary value proposition of a card using commoditized rewards programs. This has led to an influx of emerging issuers winning market share by offering consumers acute value propositions (Acorns - Card for Investments, Coinbase - Card for Crypto). Harness is a Financial Data Platform that allows cardholders to program their card, their way.

Hook Security

Hook Security is the next-generation security awareness training platform that utilizes the principle of Psychological Security. The company creates effective training experiences based on the latest psychological research for businesses of all sizes by working with and through channel partners.

Hummingbirds AI Inc

Hummingbirds AI is a vision AI startup creating privacy-first applications for the security and efficiency of the enterprise. Its first application, GuacamoleID makes access to computers touchless and secure, eliminating the need for repetitive MFA, making security convenient, guaranteeing compliance, and increasing workforce productivity.

iAccess Life

iAccess Life, allows for users with disabilities, their friends and loved ones, to rate, review and locate venues based on how accessible they are. We empower our users to explore and adventure to places they've never been before.

Infinite Giving

Infinite Giving is an award winning automated investment platform. We leveraged modern financial technology to bring nonprofits a smarter investing experience with greater transparency, reduced fees, and increased asset giving.


Intellidoc is a patent pending doctor recommended over the counter (OTC) telemedicine shopping cart providing easy fulfillment to the nearest pharmacy or to their door for improved wellness outcomes for all patients. Did you know that 64% of Americans have used telemedicine but 25-50% of prescription medications aren't picked up? If patients aren't taking their medications, how are they suppose to get well & or be expected to take part in their healthcare? Intellidoc is the solution to both!


Jax is a car rental marketplace that connects fleet owners with idle inventory to rideshare and delivery drivers that don't have cars of their own. We are solving the problem of vehicle access being a barrier of entry to gig work.

JourneyTrack, Corp has pioneered a customer-first, enterprise-grade SaaS experience management platform that enables organizations to understand, track, visualize and prioritize their end-to-end customer experience. This cloud-based collaboration suite allows enterprises to create, govern and democratize personas and journeys - creating a shared vision across all teams, and to benchmark improvements over time, with the goal of delivering ideal customer experiences - globally.

Kayhan Space

Our coordinated & autonomous satellite collision detection and avoidance platform reduces the response time to potential collision events by 95%, minimizing the risk by eliminating delays and human error from the critical path of the response. We have 13 commercial customers, providing service to 400+ satellites. We’ve also been awarded 7 government contracts, totaling $1.5M in value. Kayhan Space is providing services in a market that is expected to grow to $120B (TAM) per year by 2031.


Laundr is an on-demand laundry service that will pick up, wash, fold, and deliver your clothing in under 24 hours. The service is delivered through a mobile/web app available on the iOS and Android app stores as well as at Laundry is picked up and delivered by DoorDash drivers. Washing, folding, and packaging is done at contracted laundry facilities.


We are the operating system of location management for commercial real estate. Every day, business owners face hundreds of location-related events that, if not properly managed, can negatively impact their top-line revenue and profitability. Through a multi-dimensional solution set, Leasecake easily tracks every time-sensitive, business-critical event in a SaaS platform as a painkiller for one of the largest resources of business owners – their real estate.


Linebird sells a UAV payload system that performs hands-on work on live power lines for maintenance and inspections. Lineman work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the US, and work on live power transmission lines is the most hazardous task linemen perform. Live-line work is also costly to utilities, requiring heavy equipment such as bucket trucks and helicopters. Due to these, it is extremely difficult for utilities to access their own power lines.

Lucid Drone Technologies, Inc.

At Lucid, we build robots that perform labor-intensive tasks, starting with drones that can clean buildings up to 8x faster. In today's world, no one wants to do dull, dirty, or dangerous jobs, creating a need for robotic solutions to perform integral service work. Our first product, the cleaning drone, is able to clean windows, roofs, brick, and nearly every surface under the sun. We empower cleaning companies to complete more jobs, in less time, and with less liability.


Marco is a full-stack fintech platform providing trade finance to SME exporters. Although SMEs account for 40% of international trade, banks and other financial institutions reject most of their financing applications due to compliance constraints. They aren't flexible enough to address this $1.5T global trade finance gap. Marco looks to solve this issue by providing fast and easy access to liquidity for small and medium exporters in Latin America that do not have access to capital they need.

medigi, LLC

medigi has established a new foundation for modern pharmaceutical procurement. In a climate where drug prices continue to soar and access to prescription medication often gets interrupted, the medigi platform connects a vast, one-of-a-kind online community and facilitates the streamlined sale and distribution of pharmaceutical products directly from manufacturer to pharmacy. Free to join with no monthly purchasing obligations and no subscription dues, medigi is more than a place to purchase medi

Mini City Inc

Mini City is connecting one of our nation's most vulnerable groups, the homeless, to much needed services. Our big vision is to eradicate long term, chronic homelessness and foster thriving communities. The first step, or key to being able to take strides to sustainability, lies within access to identification and life critical benefits offered by municipalities and enterprise groups. We are also an aggregator of what we call rare data on the indigent population that cities are in dire need of.


The Mitivate Optimize Specialty Care Network is a value-based care plan benefit that coordinates high quality, cost-effective patient care for eligible specialty care procedures using personalized care coordination and a best-in-class provider network.”

Motionworks International (f/k/a Intermx)

Motionworks is the trusted population intelligence expert that empowers customers with privacy-compliant, innovative data solutions to help them make smarter and more confident decisions. Powered by geospatial technology and exceptional data scientists, engineers, and user experience experts, Motionworks delivers a wide range of high-value mobility insights that provide historical, real-time, normative, and predictive intelligence about how people move around the globe.

My Panda

My Panda, (The Personal Assistant Next Door App), leverages technology and the trust of the hyper-local community to connect users with vetted and screened personal assistants who live nearby. Our target user is the ambitious woman who suffers from time and support scarcity and wants to have it all, but not do it all.


myFloc™ is a subscription-based expense management and payment platform that is purpose-built to empower older adults and families to connect the tapestry of caregivers, prevent elder financial exploitation, and take the financial friction out of caregiving for family members and loved ones. Currently, there is no simple Fintech payment solution that empowers older adults, supports the financial relationships of caregiving and helps prevent fraud and exploitation - a $114B/year problem.

Netsoft Holdings, LLC

We began life as a time tracking tool with proof of work metrics. The proof of work features allow business owners a method to ensure their remote team members are working during the time that is recorded on their timesheets. Hubstaff has grown into a robust workforce management and analytics platform. This is how we see ourselves. Our mission is to be the leader in the workforce analytics category.

Offbeat Media Group

Offbeat is a leading digital media company with a roster of IP with over 15 million fans around the world. Now, we're leveraging our IP and our industry-leading technology to power avatar celebrities. People are spending more and more time in the digital world, where humans can not physically go. We are building the influencers of that digital world, that will one day become the mainstream celebrity.


B2B SaaS is at an inflection point. Today’s buyer wants a digital-first, product-centric, self-service experience. Yet 100% of the selling budget is spent on INTERNAL selling tools, not helping the buyer buy. Sales performance metrics indicate these investments are ineffective and don’t align with today’s buyers. Omedym digitizes the buying experience by empowering your buyer to buy and equipping your sellers with digital-guided product experiences that accelerate their effectiveness.

One Donation Inc.

We work with companies that want to improve corporate social responsibility and we do that by providing payroll deduction to charities. We make charitable giving simple and direct while lowering the risk for the employer. In providing a “frictionless philanthropy” platform, we enable employees and employers to engage in payroll-linked donations to over 1.7 Million charities.


Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, OneRail was founded in 2018 by Bill Catania, a serial entrepreneur from the FinTech world, and his wife, Lisa Catania. OneRail is a robust supply chain solution that intelligently optimizes last mile execution and delivery operations. Our rapidly growing multimodal network enables flexible capacity through a single integration to 9.7M drivers, extending our customers’ reach and maintaining the highest service levels

Onwards HR

Onwards HR is a risk mitigation platform that helps HR, Legal, and Finance teams collaborate to streamline the employee separations process for enterprise businesses.

Patientory, Inc.

Patientory empowers our users with actionable insights from health data, incentivizing them to take control of their health outcomes. Patientory bridges the gap between holistic, quality care and access through enhanced interoperability and knowledge of the social determinants of health. Patientory’s virtual monitoring enhances patients’ and providers’ knowledge of preventative care and the holistic, consistent review needed to treat chronic conditions and recruit for clinical trials.

Physician 360

Physician 360 transforms neighborhood pharmacies into virtual urgent care centers by providing them access to rapid tests and an on-demand telemedicine platform for minor medical illnesses. Now a patient can walk into a neighborhood pharmacy, perform a rapid test, interact with a doctor, and receive a treatment prescription in less than 30 minutes, for less than $50. Two problems solved: Patients get great healthcare and pharmacies get an affordable way to offer clinical services.


PorterLogic is workflow automation software that helps you reduce costs and streamline operations in your supply chain. Our software addresses processes you’ve outgrown and unique requirements other systems don’t handle. We enable you to automate manual processes, connect disparate systems and systemize operations with our visual drag-and-drop toolkit. Fill in the gaps of your systems and increase resiliency of your entire supply chain—without replacing your existing software—with PorterLogic.


Presso is a full-stack automation company using robotics to create the first on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning solution in a legacy industry. Our on-site robots can clean, press, disinfect, and dry clothes in a single unit in less than 5 mins - a 360x increase in turnaround time and a 93% reduction in carbon footprint. We are helping hotels tackle labor shortages by offering travelers a self-serve on-demand dry-cleaning service.

Preteckt Inc

Software that augments the diagnostic decision-making of vehicle maintenance technicians so that maintenance issues can be detected sooner, diagnosed faster, and with improved precision. The software is designed to combat three problems: (1) a growing shortage of vehicle maintenance technicians, (2) unexpected and unknown maintenance issues occurring on vehicles that cause increased operating costs, and (3) new technologies being added to vehicles which require retraining to diagnose.

ProServe Alliance

A platform that organizes contractors while saving them time, increasing their profits, teaching them business structure, and allowing instant access to funds for them and their subcontractors.


Data Quality is notoriously hard to manage at scale. Qualytics provides a scalable solution for the entire data quality lifecycle. We enable SMEs and data engineers to collaborate on data quality at scale through advanced automation.


Data science and AI are rapidly changing most industries, and companies are struggling to keep up with hiring and retaining talent with strong data literacy. QuantHub provides data literacy and data science assessment and training through a unique training methodology that is delivered "in-the-flow-of-work."

Quinsite, LLC

Quinsite’s innovative Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ offers real-time, robust dashboards and reports that help healthcare practice leaders gain visibility across their entire organization to make data-driven decisions that increase productivity, optimize resources, improve quality, and boost revenue. Our platform integrates, organizes, and analyzes data from disparate sources to generate actionable insights that are easily accessed via one, user-friendly interface.

Rali Solutions

Dissatisfied workers are leaving companies at a record rate. Current LMS platforms focus on knowledge transfer which has proven ineffective in changing employee behavior or shaping company culture. 60%+ saying their learning/change platforms do not meet their needs, are not strategic, go unused, or have less than 10% completion on programs started. Rali provides senior executives & their change agents with a change ready platform that tackles the most pressing employee centric change initiatives


We’re RentCheck, a venture-backed, New Orleans, LA startup on a mission to make renting fair and transparent. We’ve built software that serves Renters, Landlords, and Property Managers by providing an easy to use experience for documenting rental properties and by becoming the trusted third-party for security deposit administration. We are an early stage company looking to transform the $100 billion residential real estate industry.


Resultid is an app that allows users to quickly summarize, understand, and implement the material found in qualitative information. Users upload their file, select a narrative, and Resultid rapidly processes their data and generates themes from the information embedded in it, while also delivering complete visibility and even strategic suggestions to the user. Narratives provide one click execution for users to discover What Customers are Saying, Sentiment, SWOT, Competitor Comparisons and more.

Rippleworx Inc

Today, organizations are facing challenges to retain their talent and to align individuals for mission readiness like never before. Organizations pay thousands of dollars per employee in absenteeism and retention costs per year. These costs manifest themselves as lost productivity and knowledge, overstrain on the organization, as well as retraining and onboarding costs.


RootNote is creating the simplest way for digital creators and creative teams to use data to build better businesses. In the past decade, content businesses have become data businesses and the average creator (or creative team) has to piece together data from dozens of fragmented social, streaming, and revenue platforms. As a result, creators and creative teams are spending hours to days every week trying to make sense of fragmented data sets or ignoring data altogether.


Seed&Spark's enterprise SaaS platform Film Forward replaces boring and ineffective corporate training videos with cinematic learning experiences built around award-winning short cinema from around the world that drive clear behavior and business outcomes. We're helping enterprises like Wells Fargo and Sony build more innovative and accountable cultures to drive employee performance and retention. Our innovative model drives brand new revenue back to filmmakers.


If you’re just getting started, it’s impossible to stand out with a resume. Seekr is an app-based jobs marketplace that connects hourly & entry-level workers with local businesses using profiles that contain pictures, video & text. Both sides swipe and match. It’s that simple.

SemiCab, Inc.

SemiCab brings enterprise shippers and carriers together into a collaborative optimization platform. Our platform and services holistically improve the efficiency of trucking networks from 1 in 3 empty miles down to 1 in 10.

Siemba Inc

Siemba is on a mission to enable Enterprises to build scalable and repeatable Cybersecurity Testing Programs(also known as PenTesting) that continue to evolve with their business needs. Our collaborative PenTest as a Service Platform (PTaaS) integrates subscription based scalable and repeatable PenTesting into an organization's existing technology enabling them to easily schedule recurring tests, obtain comprehensive and realtime reporting to support compliance regulations and customer mandates.

Skintelligent Corporation

Skintelligent develops AI-enabled skin imaging software, that can scan an image of a face and immediately assess issues for non-cancerous skin conditions. The end user problem statement is that skin and anti-aging drives a tremendous amount of consumer concern and spending, and there is a desire to precisely assess and track skin longitudinally, assess whether products or treatments or working, and determine when time to re-book treatment or re-purchase a product.

Smart Alto

My name is Hassan Riggs, and I’m the founder of Smart Alto - the world's first conversational sales platform for local service providers. We help local sales agents win more business without making cold calls. Making cold calls sucks. I spent two years making cold calls for Keller Williams, and it was awful. But cold calling is still the primary way local service providers like real estate agents get new business. But they’ve got a massive problem, no one answers the phone anymore.


Sola is changing the future of catastrophic claims. We built an entirely new supplemental add-on insurance policy that leverages data streams to help cover the underinsurance protection gap after natural disasters.


Speedscale stress tests APIs in minutes to prevent production outages and reduce expensive pre-production cloud spend.


Spontivly is a community management system that integrates with a company's suite of community tools to allow for greater insights and efficiencies. The software provides real-time analytics to measure community engagement, growth, and impact across any platform. We imagine a world where technology can bring people together by creating powerful and meaningful communities for everyone around the world.

Swipe Credit

We help lenders grow their cash flow and transform their borrower's experience with frictionless human-centered AI. Every year lenders lose $800 Billion Dollars due to bias in the loan vetting process.


SwitchFrame enables brands and agencies to automatically collect video testimonials from customers and influencers, edit them into dozens (to thousands) of high-converting video ads in minutes, and launch campaigns to multivariate test every possible combination at scale — all from a single platform.

The Mirror: Metaverse Building Platform

What Shopify is to e-commerce, The Mirror is to the metaverse. For individuals and companies who want to venture into the metaverse, they currently have to become game studios. The Mirror serves as the metaverse building platform, a next-gen Web3 Roblox. Similarly, non-technical 3D creators largely use 2D platforms (e.g. Instagram) to market 3D creations. Instead of showcasing a 3D model of a car on a 2D website, why not display it in The Mirror and drive it, hear it, and use it in a game?


Togal.AI uses proprietary AI algorithms to automatically and accurately detect, label, and measure project spaces, walls & objects within seconds. Additionally, Togal compares drawing versions and provides an instant quantitative analysis of all changes or modifications. Togal.AI supports all drawing formats, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc. Reducing the takeoff process from days to seconds.


Transition is a career service platform addressing the widespread shortage of essential healthcare support workers, beginning with Certified Nursing Assistants. To achieve this goal, we bridge the gap between allied health training and employers to optimize student outcomes.


On-demand assistance for air travelers. Rich traveler experience data for partners

Vieaura Inc

Vieaura is a no-code platform that integrates extended reality (AR/MR) into standard work (SOPs) to improve industrial workforce efficiency. Problem: All companies spend significant resources in improving standard operating procedures (SOPs). The goals are workforce productivity & safety, reducing turnover and limiting the loss of Organizational Knowledge using SOPs. And with the high cost to digitize and activate SOPs , unrealized value from the investment becomes a costly effort.

VIVA Finance

100mm+ people in the US lack access to affordable credit as lenders in this market typically charge exorbitant APRs (~30%-200%+). VIVA’s mission is to build an inclusive financial system by expanding access to affordable credit by providing unsecured personal loans that are underwritten primarily by employment data. We drive down costs and mitigate risk by concentrating on low-turnover sectors (healthcare, government & education) and utilizing our proprietary payroll repayment technology.

Vū Technologies, Corp

Vū Technologies Corp is a fast-growing, interconnected network of virtual studios serving filmmakers, production companies, corporate brands, and Metaverse developers. Vū solves our customers' rapidly increasing content production challenges to deliver high-quality media content for entertainment, advertising, training, and simulation. With a focus on Virtual Production technologies, Vū dramatically expands creative options for creators while exponentially reducing production inefficiencies

Yellow Card

Yellow Card is the largest crypto exchange in Africa. We operate in 16 countries across the continent making it easy for anyone, anywhere to access crypto. Africa's financial infrastructure isn't build for the modern world. Crypto makes it possible for people to send and receive money across borders, make payments, and hedge against inflation.
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