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6AM City Inc

"6AM delivers a Daily Email Newsletter at 6:00AM, it's a 5 minute read, conversational in tone. Delivering the most relevant, concise, need-to-know local news + events. The marketing engine for our cities. Meet readers where they are. Cut through the noise. Created a safe and fun environment for both readers and advertisers. The newsletter is a low cost top of funnel audience acquisition that allows us to maximize the ROI on user journey via ECommerce , membership, event listings, and more."

Acuity Behavioral Health

Our product, the Behavioral Health Acuity Index (BHAI) is a managed Azure application that integrates with the health system's Electronic Medical Records and automatically provides nurse and staff administration with real-time assessments of both patient acuity and the psychiatric unit(s) acuity. The BHAI alerts Nursing staff administration, 24 hours in advance, with the workload measurement information necessary to assure the proper staffing required to meet next-day patient and staff needs.


"AdPipe streamlines the creative process, reduces production costs, and empowers marketers to prioritize strategy over creation. Its three key features to accelerate revenue are: Recognize: Access a central repository of auto-tagged content. Repurpose: Give new life to existing videos and photos by repackaging them in new formats. Recommend: Generate complete campaigns by simply inputting objectives. AdPipe AI maximizes engagement by populating custom, motion-first creative across all channels."

Adra Corporation

Adravision utilizes Artificial Intelligence to analyze dental X-rays, pinpointing cavities and other dental issues, enhancing workflow automation and financial outcomes for both dental practices and insurers.

Aetos Imaging, Inc.

"We've built an entire facility management platform that is layered on top of real 3D scans of a facility. We've developed the following features to help operators day to day: 1. Visual asset management 2. Site-specific training simulations 3. Work order and maintenance management 4. Remote calling within the 3D scans"

Appsurify, Inc.

Appsurify's patented AI Risk-based Testing Platform enables Software Teams to auto-prioritize and execute tests in the CI/CD Pipeline based only on developer changes for instant test feedback on a per Change basis, thereby; reducing CI/CD Build times, Finding Bugs 10x Faster, Increasing Developer Velocity, and fast tracking deployments with confidence.


We are transforming the $10.8 trillion dollar Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry through AI-driven hiring, upskilling, and performance management, for full-time, part-time and contractors.

Art Pharmacy

Art Pharmacy is a solution through which healthcare providers prescribe arts interventions to individuals with a range of health concerns. This form of social prescription supports patients' mental health needs, reduces social isolation & loneliness, and supports adherence to co-morbid treatment plans. Our core technology is WellConnectâ„¢, a smart-matching recommendation engine that matches patients with the arts & culture engagements most well-suited for their specific needs.

Asset Class Software Inc.

Asset Class addresses data fragmentation and workflow inefficiencies in Private Capital Markets. Firms grapple with disintegrated systems, scalability issues, and lack of consolidated reporting. We streamline data and fund management, key for decision-making, compliance, and investor relations in this $5.8 trillion industry.

Atlas Reality, Inc.

In 2021, Apple's Appstore revenues were $13B, with over 70% of revenues coming from 5% of users playing games. Effectively, even the top earning games leave 80% of their population unmonetized. The world of performance-based marketing is growing at brands, yet the lack of attribution makes it difficult for such large marketing budgets to activate scalably within free-to-play games.


Betr is committed to launching real-money and free-to-play gaming products that are simple, intuitive and can enhance the manner in which casual sports fan consume sporting events. Through a differentiated product design that makes the user experience feel like an intuitive multiple choice quiz rather than an excel spreadsheet and its own media business that creates and distributes relatable organic social and premium content, Betr is aiming to disrupt the sports gaming and fantasy landscape.

Betty’s Co.

We've completely redesigned the care experience for Gen Z females with three anchors. Firstly, our engaging technology caters to Gen Z. Secondly, we've optimized the visit experience, eliminating wait times and paperwork, allowing 40 minutes per visit. Thirdly, we provide comprehensive gynecology, mental health, wellness, and lifestyle care. Our integrated technology ensures well-informed and well-equipped providers. This plug-and-play model enables efficient scaling of our clinical operation.

Bleach Cyber

Bleach is a cybersecurity platform designed specifically for small and medium businesses (SMBs). It addresses the need for effective operational cybersecurity by leveraging existing technology investments to make it fast, easy, and affordable for any SMB to be secure and compliant. Through API integrations with various tools, the platform provides proactive recommendations in the form of "security opportunities" to reduce risk and meet compliance standards. It offers a range of security use case

BluePenguin Payments

BluePenguin has created a technology platform that allows us to provide modern forms of both Business payments and Accounts Payable automation technologies to firms that usually don't realize there is a better solution. Our customers will reduce the traditional manual processes, speed up payments, and be rewarded in the form of rebates for each dollar of their Commercial spend.


We are addressing major pain points in both the $185 billion recruiting industry and the booming blue-collar labor market. BlueRecruit removes the inefficiencies of resumes and job posts and focuses on the skills and experiences that matter. Our clients see an average decrease of 74% in their hiring costs, and 3x more Job Seeker Connections than the industry standard. 91% of customers connect with a at least one qualified Job Seeker the day they get started.

Care Sherpa

Care Sherpa solves revenue loss and low profitability for elective medical providers by providing an AI-powered agent-assisted platform that guides patients through the complexity of healthcare, resulting in increased new patient consults and treatment conversions for providers.

CareTrack Health, Inc.

CareTrack's patient adherence system enables primary care physicians to monitor critically and chronically ill patient care plan adherence to identify and escalate proactive interventions in-between appointments. CareTrack assists practices to prevent hospitalizations, close patient adherence gaps, improve quality measures, and drive more proactive screenings and services adoption. Patients are empowered to proactively manage conditions and assist the physician in identifying issues earlier.

CareYaya Health Technologies

CareYaya is a tech-enabled platform where families can book care conveniently in less than 2 minutes (like Uber for caregiving). It's 30-40% lower cost than care agencies. Best of all, the caregivers are all college students pursuing health careers - our doctors and nurses of tomorrow. They're motivated by non-monetary incentives to get experience for grad school, and thus have industry-leading ratings and reliability. It's the best care workforce in America, only available through CareYaya.

Censys Technologies Corporation

Censys couples asset data collection with artificial intelligence and computer vision at the edge and in the cloud to transform organizations from reactionary to predictive and preemptive workflows. We automate the collection of data through drones and robots, attack big data by applying artificial intelligence to eliminate waste storage, and finally network the intel throughout the customer organization, enabling customers to make better decisions with the right information at the right time.


We give companies an end-to-end system for managing ERGs, gathering data, and unlocking their full potential. Employees get a self-serve portal to interact with and join ERGs, and DEI managers get a dedicated system that tracks metrics for engagement, membership, events, and budget.

Clinispan Health

Companies are solving this today by sending doctors into communities to share education and information on trials, but those Doctors are not of and from these communities. They are not able to build trust in these communities. With new FDA regulations companies have to improve their diversity outreach. Markets are projected to be more diverse by 2050. If companies want to serve the future market, then drugs must be more efficient for all groups.

Cloud Range

Similar to how a flight simulator prepares pilots for unlimited scenarios, Cloud Range developed a customizable, safe, platform that simulates cyber attacks.


Cookonnect is a marketplace that leverages technology and an underutilized labor force to create a new and better solution for everyday meals. Through our unique model, customers can access a network of reasonably priced culinary professionals and eliminate the time burden of meal planning and preparation. After a user selects menu items and sets a date and time, a Cookonnect chef completes the service by shopping, cooking in the user's home, and storing the meals.

CyberReef Solutions

Incorporated as CyberReef in 2015, CyberReef provides patented, cloud-based software-as-a-service mobile data security, visibility, and control subscription services. Our flagship product, MobileWall, is the only comprehensive mobile network data management and security solution that supports application throttling.

Dataplor, Inc.

Dataplor provides dynamic, human-reviewed global location data for 250 million places, powering daily technology and services for Fortune 500 companies.

DevGrid, Inc

DevGrid creates a foundational graph of the Engineering eco-system, built on top of your application inventory and team rosters, then integrates with dev tools to enrich that graph with operational data to provide KPIs and Insights into an Engineering organization.


We are using machine learning, gamification, and data complemented with an on-site personal development curriculum to make self-esteem improvement fun for children. We've been able to help police departments lower youth violence, schools increase academic performance and healthcare improve mental health outcomes.


At eStreamly, we're solving the disconnect between video content and ecommerce. Brands struggle to monetize content across multiple channels, missing out on potential revenue.


Currently, there is $2 Trillion lost every year due to password mismanagement, and access control is cumbersome and insecure as well. Users are writing passwords down, sharing passwords insecurely, and being phished and socially engineered. The loss due to password mismanagement is expected to grow to $10 Trillion by 2025. Keys are cumbersome and can be easily lost. Current access control and password management solutions only solve one piece of the puzzle.


We allow sellers to list their property for sale on the MLS without having to pay a listing commission. Then we use our technology to keep homeowners on task from list to closing. We use our real estate background to program automation to keep the informed on what to do next, route all leads to them, empower them to seamlessly respond to offers, and provide them a transaction coordinator to make everything goes smoothly.

Floodlight Software

Floodlight provides a complete, end-to-end digitalized workflow specifically designed for testing & inspection operations. Floodlight replaces manual processes, Excel / Word usage, and creates a structured digital foundation that enables integration with a) robots, drones, IIoT sensors, and other smart data collection tools and b) advanced analytics, ML and AI systems. Floodlight aims to transform the industry into a predictive and highly valued part of the industrial asset lifecycle.


Foresight is a B2B SaaS platform that takes the guesswork out of churn for Customer Success teams. We enable Customers to self-report their pain points and priorities and turn that into an actionable Customer Health Score that post-sales teams use to better forecast risks and opportunities. Our solution helps customer success reps to proactively attack "blind spots" to reduce churn and drive cross-sell and up-sell motions to increase account expansion.


Ganarpro plans to develop and provide a suite of construction management software products, creating a moat for any company in construction sales.


Gigpro is an on-demand labor marketplace app hyper-focused on the hospitality industry. Restaurant operators post their open shifts on the app with the skill needed, wage, and any other requirements. Then our vetted network of "Pros" apply to the shift if they are ready, willing, and able to fill it. Once the match is made, the pro will then work the open shift and instantly get paid.

Goodmaps Inc.

Goodmaps solution is a smartphone app that enables voice command and on screen navigation to allow BVI persons to navigate indoor spaces. The app locates the users current location within the building, allows them to select their destination, and provides real time step by step directions to guide them to their destination. For persons with low vision, there is also A/R guides that shows the path on the screen, enabling persons to better navigate their surroundings.

Grocery Shopii

Grocery Shopii's cloud-native meal planning platform operates as a retail media launchpad for recipe content. The company seamlessly incorporates meal planning within a grocer’s digital experience, allowing the retailer to sell sponsored recipes to food brands. The recipes can be deployed anywhere, like email, Facebook or in-store, and with one click they will pull a shopper directly into the retailer’s meal planning platform where ingredients are added to the shopper's online cart.

Grubbly Farms

Both the US and the world's current animal feed system is broken and puts an unnecessary burden on the environment. Unfortunately, this applies to both livestock and pets. We are on a mission to reduce the impact that pets have on the planet without sacrificing their health through the education and adoption of grub (insect) protein. Grubbly Farms has the long term vision to accelerate the world's transition to a sustainable and healthy agriculture system for all pets.

HealthSnap, Inc.

HealthSnap is an integrated virtual care management platform that helps healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes, reduce utilization, and diversify revenue streams. From chronic disease-agnostic Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) to AI-guided care coordination, virtual care delivery, patented billing tools, population analytics - and so much more, HealthSnap is the simplest way to manage chronic conditions remotely.

Healthy Hip Hop

Healthy Hip Hop is hip hop for children and families, delivered through our web and mobile application. The true value proposition is our culturally competency and ability to improve engagement, focus and behavior through hip hop in the classroom. Healthy Hip Hop also provides a safe social media experience for kids with curated content, music and our safe circle technology. Healthy Hip Hop is in route to become an iconic children's brand, an "Urban Disney". Our mobile application is a "Spotify

Higgs Boson Inc.

We focus on the intersection of digital health, medical devices, and interventional/surgical procedures. With a patient-centric approach, our innovative platform enhances the patient experience, increases staff/rep efficiency and improves quality metrics and outcomes. Our growing datasets and AI-powered analytics empower device companies with valuable insights on their products, providing a competitive advantage when presenting their products to patients, providers and payers.

Home Lending Pal

We condense Fair Lending analysis that typically takes 3 months into 2 weeks to provide actionable insights to improve marketing campaigns and lead intake processes. Our lender portal is an Interactive Web App with data visualizations and monitors that present findings in a clear and engaging format accessible to a wide range of stakeholders. It is customized for every lender and is primarily API driven.


Illoominus is a turnkey data platform that helps organizations to activate their people strategies through data. We do this by bringing together all HR data, wherever it lives to provide the full story of what’s happening across the entire employee journey and where to invest efforts. We launched with a niche HR use case and have had overwhelming customer responses on how our reporting is allowing them to do more with less. They are migrating data from their SORs to Illoominus reporting.

Kim Technologies Group, Inc.

IBM's findings unveiled a staggering $3.1 trillion annual cost for US businesses due to manual data rekeying. Kim is a solution that minimizes manual rekeying by capturing the data once and using it to create documents and populate other systems. By doing so, Kim creates standard operating procedures (SOPs) and delivers straight-through processing of data, underscoring the central importance of data.


Krepling is one of the first composable platforms for e-commerce. It enables merchants to build their e-commerce stack from scratch, without writing a single line of code. We've unbundled and rebuilt the e-commerce stack to allow merchants to build their ideal e-commerce setup from scratch. We've enabled merchants to take complex, dynamic, and ever-evolving commerce integrations and translate these into beautiful, unified commerce experiences for consumers, without migrating or re-platforming

Laundris Corporation

"Hotels are constantly finding ways to lower CPOR and boost profitability. Effective inventory management is key in lowering CPOR for hotels as it can lead to: Controlled Staffing, Lower Depletion, Proper Inventory Levels Laundris is the World's First Integrated Industrial Automation Platform. Laundris utilizes Patented Physical to Digital transformational software designed to lower operational expenses in real time and at scale for legacy industries with 3 modules: Supply Chain Optimization, P"

Limitless Minds, Inc

Our platform provides live and on-demand mental fitness coaching and mindset training, led by world-class coaches and experts from the worlds of professional sports and high performance. Our live 1-to-many sessions with our elite coaches introduce science-backed concepts from performance psychology to help our clients manage their mental fitness. Our mobile app is designed to reinforce these concepts through assessments, on-demand content, and interactive exercises in our "Mind Gym".


We automate the process of managing credit cards and maximizing rewards and benefits. Our mobile apps automatically activate credit card offers, recommend the best card to use for every purchase and provide the most comprehensive overview of credit card accounts.


Through Medzoomer's last mile pharmacy solution coupled with a heavy data play, the problem of medication access is solved for patients, payors, and providers.


Motivo is helping solve the nation's behavioral health crisis by supporting therapists through the licensure process. Similar to doctors going through residency, therapists must complete 2 years of supervised experience following graduate school. Historically, these hours had to be completed in-person, but the rise of digital health now allows supervision to occur virtually. Motivo partners with over 130 businesses to provide access to virtual clinical supervisors.


mPATH is an automated SaaS platform for healthcare organizations to identify, educate, and connect patients with life-saving screening tests. Developed and clinically tested with over $6 million in highly competitive funding from the NIH, multiple peer-reviewed publications document mPATH’s effectiveness. To date, mPATH has been used in over 60,000 patient encounters.

Muuklabs INC

MuukTest AI helps software companies achieve 95% end-to-end automated test coverage in just 3 months, allowing them to find critical bugs before their customers do. Further, MuukTest AI also maintains their test automation portfolio, triage bugs and optimize their QA strategy without the usual overhead. All at a fraction of the cost of agencies or hires.


MyUTI is building an end-to-end platform to modernize the way we test and treat pelvic health, starting with on demand at home testing, B2B tele-health and clinical partnerships, and compiling a data repository of pre-clinical symptomatic, diagnostic and patient reported outcomes to drive future insights into UTI care and management that leads to payor and biopharma partnerships.

NB Holdings Inc

Nourish + Bloom Market is the world's 1st black-owned autonomous grocery store, utilizing AI and deep learning algorithms to improve shopping experience and combat food deserts in underserved areas. Our store provides carefully selected, high-quality grocery products while supporting local brands. We prioritize addressing food deserts and preparing for the AI-based jobs of the future.


We provide cash flow based financing that can help meet all capital needs in addition to the mortgage. Customers have used our financing for: renovations, down payments, working capital, pursuit costs (inspections, engineering, etc.), and other business purposes.


We created a marketplace that connects students and clinical sites.


Poppy Flowers is the way for modern, savvy couples to purchase full-service wedding florals online. Our proprietary technology, network of 500+ independent contractors, and inventory-free, high AOV business model is the first of its kind in the floral and wedding industries. Our tech-enabled, scalable sales process, network of 500 independent floral design contractors, and farm-direct sourcing brings affordable luxury to customers who can't find it anywhere else.


Prosal aggregates hard-to-find opportunities, and leverages AI to transform 40 page documents into quickly-scannable cards, with project budgets, requirements, and scopes up front.

Pulse Charter Connect

Pulse Charter Connect provides a digital SaaS solution for Critical Healthcare Logistics. The company is addressing the beachhead market of logistics for transporting human organs, both in the air and on the ground. We automate an antiquated and inefficient process of organ transport logistics. The result being a faster, less expensive, safer and improved transplant success rate.


We help SaaS platforms not just build and optimize their payments businesses, but transform into vibrant payments ecosystems. We do that in several ways. We facilitate money movement on a single tech stack with low code components. That means payments to anyone (merchants, vendors, contractors, third parties and more) are processed in a fraction of the time that others require. We also provide the tech and banking relationships, and handle all merchant onboarding, risk management and compliance.

Reflekt Me

We created a B2B SaaS platform for Every Body; yet, our approach inherently amplifies the needs of several invisible majorities because it is powered by an API with real photos from our inclusive creator network, customers, and our client's employees that are viewable for their shoppers with a simple Javascript snippet integration. Our button pops up like a PayPal button, directly on the product detail page where 70% of shoppers click that button in order to see personalized, size specific photo

Rektify AI

Rektify AI identifies bugs in the code of crypto projects through comprehensive smart contract auditing. Now, crypto investors (end-users), Rektify AI is offering a risk management app that helps users research "DYOR" on crypto projects.

Rent Ready

Rent Ready provides a managed make ready platform that delivers faster, cheaper turns with less onsite labor. It combines technology and vendor management to streamline the turn process. Rent Ready reduces days vacancy by 5-10+ days for owners/managers generating an additional $3mm in rent per 10k units at no additional cost.


RepeatMD is a mobile shopping platform that connects and rewards patients with treatments they'll love. RepeatMD creates each practice its own mobile app for patients. Making it easier to browse treatments, offer financing, and rewards for purchases.a


ReRent is an on-demand property management platform that empowers residents to recoup their rent when traveling.


Safely eliminates the worst guests, motivates high-risk guests to behave, and pays for damage and injuries after the reservation is complete.

ServeScape Inc

ServeScape is a digital managed marketplace of undermarketed horticultural growers to market local, live plants and adjacent landscape supplies, as well as a digital curated marketplace for landscape design and installation contractors.


We provide an AI empowered tax software product that allows tax pros to file returns in minutes not hours using a B2B2C approach. We allow the clients to securely upload documents and go through an AI powered guided experience that is then sent automatically to the tax pro. We use OCR to scan in to the tax professional. We are 1 in 15 IRS Approved Softwares in the U.S

Social Cascade

Social Cascade utilizes AI to enable primary healthcare providers to engage in consistent, year-round, coordinated communication with their patients factors associated with revenue drivers including patient retention/acquisition and overall patient satisfaction. Our health literacy platform leverages content sourced from leading health advocacy organizations to bring trusted, reliable content to patients on the platforms they're already using everyday - no new app required.

We build a SaaS analytics platform that incorporates: revenue, audience and editors analytics with AI recommendations as well as a yield optimization platform leveraging AI to control floor management and pricing.

Story LLP

Story LLP help all humans - lawyer and clients - cooperate to get more of what they deserve from legal services by developing automated General Counsel software technology powered by patentable Legal AI tools. This includes free help understanding legal needs, affordable subscriptions to get legal right from the start, and high-quality, efficient custom legal services when they're needed. The software operates through a dedicated email inbox today.

Surreal Events

SURREAL XP, is a practical metaverse platform-as-a-service (PaaS) enabling companies to engage audiences with photorealistic (Unreal Engine), social-first, browser-based, and multiplayer experiences. SURREAL XP's level of hyper-real Cloud rendering delivers a verisimilar quality, device-agnostic accessibility, social-first ease-of-use, and scalability to amplify reach and expand audiences. In addition, SURREAL XP's breadth of intuitive features spatial audio, video, chat, streaming, shopping and more.

Swella, Inc.

We seek to provide a convenient and feel-good experience. Our limited offering ensures optimal efficiency and scalability. We are laying the foundation to easily integrate robotics, such as our patent-pending Unravl Device, which automates the braid takedown process.


TalentGuard's Workforce Skills Intelligence Platform uses AI and ML to unify skills/job architecture, develop people and mobilize talent. Companies gain insights on upskilling, reskilling, and workforce planning by identifying gaps, matching individuals to careers, and recommending targeted learning paths. With TalentGuard, companies make informed decisions, effectively allocate resources, and drive better business outcomes.

The Players’ Lounge Holdings, Inc

TPL is a "new media" driven fan engagement platform partnering with universities and their student-athletes. Rather than have beat reporters and analysts drive the conversations, our model offers athletes a chance to directly share and own their perspectives while offering fans more authentic and insightful content. Thanks to NIL, this model also allows athletes to participate in part of the economic engine driving the collegiate sports ecosystem.


Trua is a reusable verified digital identity solution that provides "all-in-one" ID proofing, fraud detection, authentication, and screening. Trua’s privacy-preserving platform enables verification of Identity, Trust, and Safety in digital environments, sharing economy, and workforce screening without the need to exchange Personally Identifiable Information such as SSN or DoB.

Trusted Sale, Inc.

Just like CarFax created THE standard for vehicle history that consumers have come to know and trust, Trusted Sale is creating THE standard for a used vehicle's CURRENT CONDITION. Trusted Sale has created a turnkey system for dealers to assure their used vehicle inventory meets or exceeds a minimum standard for quality and reliability while providing a technology-enabled vehicle inspection and reconditioning report that creates unparalleled transparency into a vehicle's true current condition.


Truve is a new, simple-to-use, first-of-its-kind technology designed to help law firms structure and leverage their data with AI.


Turbine is the next generation ERP for companies that manage physical inventories. Turbine solves the hardest procurement, supply chain, operations, and accounting problems. Turbine is the single pane of glass consolidating the many workflows that go into running a modern consumer brand and is built for the realities of how consumer brands are created, sell, and grow in the 2020s and into the future.

Turnkey Lender

End-to-end no-code modular platform automating every single step of digital lending: loan application creation and submission online, borrower portal, credit decisioning, underwriting, document generation, loan origination, loan management, debt collection, reporting. is an offline-first framework for sharable security. Using our blockchain technology to create a graph of trust, we can prove a decentralized approach that allows us to share security centered at the device itself, allowing the device to recognize the user as they approach, without walls and regardless of persona.

Vower, Inc

Vower provides job seekers and employers with two key solutions: Upskilling: Job seekers can upskill & learn required digital skills immediately before applying for a job. This puts employers' minds at ease & onramps job seekers regardless of a college degree or traditional credentialing. Learn-& Earn: Job seekers can earn points each time they learn an in-demand skill. Points can be used to buy rewards like Air Jordans, electronics, sports tickets, concerts, and trending rewards.


WellCapped enables members to access a shared inventory of high quality wigs and hair extensions via three different models: monthly subscription, a-la-carte rentals, and purchasing through our resale program. We use predictive modeling to recommend styles to users based on their zip code, occupation, and age. Our long term vision is to use this predictive model to recommend products from adjacent categories such as wigs and cosmetics.

Xena Intelligence

Xena solves the critical challenge faced by brands in the eCommerce space - optimizing ad campaigns on platforms like Amazon and With its AI-powered growth platform, Xena empowers brands of all sizes with real-time campaign automation, data analytics, and expert recommendations, maximizing their market share and revenue while ensuring cost-effectiveness
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