July 18, 2017

Announcing Venture Atlanta’s First-Ever Startup Showcase

A Showcase 10 Years In The Making

Ten Years ago, Venture Atlanta was just an idea in the minds of local leaders to help shine a spotlight on the city of Atlanta and the innovation that lived here. 10 years later, we’ve been a part of $2billion in funds raised, $14billion in exits and more than 300 unbelievable stories told on our VA stage.


This year, we are planning the biggest event yet and are thrilled to announce the first ever Startup Showcase. In addition to the 30 companies that will pitch on the VA stage, the Showcase will place a spotlight on early-stage businesses that are bringing big ideas to the next decade.


The greatest companies started with one thing: a big idea. Success stories don’t happen overnight, and we want to see what the next 10 years could bring to our city and the world. Helping us kick off this year is our sponsor – Insperity. We sat down with their local district manager, Jason Ferguson, to hear why Insperity is excited about the Showcase:


“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we want to help accelerate the likelihood and degree of their success. Our mission is to help businesses succeed so our communities can prosper. That is why we are thrilled to support the first-ever Venture Atlanta Startup Showcase. We want to see more success stories in Atlanta and the Southeast, and the Showcase will help highlight this next wave of entrepreneurship and innovation. We’re thrilled to be a part of it.”


Venture Atlanta has always had one mission – to help connect companies with the funding they need to grow. And now, it does not matter what size business you are. If you have a good idea we want to help you grow. Ready to be seen by the top funds, investors and leaders in the region? Get the details below and be sure to Apply Now!

What you need to know about Startup Showcase:

Who should apply?

Anyone with a great idea or an early-stage startup. We want to highlight the most innovative ideas in the Atlanta tech ecosystem, and size doesn’t matter. So whether you are a one-man-shop with a great idea, or a pre-revenue startup on the path to growth – it’s your chance to be seen at the Startup Showcase.


When is the deadline?

Deadline to apply is August 4th. So apply here now!


What happens if I get selected?

You will get a dedicated table directly in front of the main room. It is the perfect spot for investors and attendees to visit during networking breaks throughout the conference. (Fun fact – Showcase participants are the ONLY companies that get a dedicated table)


Each company will also be given:

  • A ticket to the conference
  • Your logo on the Venture Atlanta website
  • A paragraph write-up in the conference booklet
  • A free coaching session to help you prepare to talk to investors, innovators and leads that come to meet you


It is free to apply and free if you are selected so don’t wait – we can’t wait to hear about your big idea!

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