2018 Venture Atlanta Conference: October 16 – 17, Southern Exchange @ 200 Peachtree




Applications are now closed.

Venture Atlanta brings together top investors, funds, and leaders around the nation to hear your company’s story. You will receive one-on-one coaching before stepping foot on stage, and we’ll be your advocates year round.


These companies will have five minutes to pitch on the Venture Atlanta main stage. This is an opportunity for early to growth stage companies to raise money or scale. Here are the benefits of being a Venture Atlanta Presenting Company:


The Venture Atlanta Showcase was added in 2017 to give early-stage or pre–revenue companies the opportunity to get on the radar of investors. Here are the benefits of being a Venture Atlanta Showcase Company:



We make sure you’re ready for the big event

Pitching in front of hundreds of people can be overwhelming, we get it. That’s why we pair you with the very best in the industry so you are confident to deliver a winning pitch. Here’s how it works:

      • If selected, you’ll be matched with dedicated coaches who will work with you throughout the entire process.
      • You’ll get 3 rounds of coaching and training on how to develop a memorable pitch.
      • Give your best presentation on the VA stage.

Pro Tip: Often these coaches are also investors - so you’ll have one-on-one time with people who could invest in your business, even before the event happens.



There’s nothing to lose

Curious to know how the top 30 are picked? We have a multi-step review process with some of the industry’s top leaders, investors, and innovators. That means your application will be seen by potential investors regardless of whether or not your selected. So why not apply? Here’s our process:

      • Every application is reviewed first by our screening committee.
      • The narrowed applications are then graded by our experienced investor and voting committee.
      • All comments are reviewed and final decisions are made.

If you’re ready to apply, use this Executive Summary Template to start filling out your business plan. We can’t wait to see your application come through.


What’s NEW this year?

As previously mentioned, our Venture Atlanta Showcase is back, but this year it will be held during the cocktail party, and we will be selecting more than double the number of companies that were selected in 2017! Secondly, we will be doing a Pitch Off for early stage companies. The Pitch Off will be held on August 15th before we make our final selections in late August. You will need to do a full five minute pitch to a room of investors and Venture Atlanta Advisory Board members. Failure to show up for this event will automatically remove you from consideration, however there will be a make-up date on August 20th for those who have a conflict on the 15th. Only 30 companies will be selected for the Pitch Off, and we hope that the companies selected will each put their best foot forward.

What is the Conference Format?

The 2018 Venture Atlanta conference will be two full days of company pitches, keynote speakers, panel sessions, and great networking. Please see above for details on company participation.

How long are applications open, and what’s the process to apply?

Applications are open May 10th - August 3rd. The deadline will not be extended for any reason. To apply, simply fill out the application on our website, and submit a one-page executive summary (which you can download above). There’s no cost associated with applying for or being selected as a Presenting Company or a Showcase Company.

What types of technology-enabled businesses is Venture Atlanta looking for?

We have a broad range of technology that we accept and have featured companies from wearables to electric cars. We also feature the following:

  • Communication Technology
  • Consumer
  • Financial Services Technology
  • Health IT
  • Information Security
  • Mobility
  • Data and Information Management and Analytics
  • Logistics

What types of companies should NOT apply?

Bio, Pharma and Life Sciences

How many companies will be chosen?

We will select 30 – 35 companies to participate as a Presenting Company on stage and an additional 30 – 35 companies to participate in the Venture Atlanta Showcase.

What is the basic criteria for applying?

Companies must be tech-enabled and looking to raise capital within the next 12 - 18 months. This means - if you are raising money now, or plan to in the next year, you should apply! Companies in all stages of growth will be considered to present. 

What does it cost to present at Venture Atlanta?

NOTHING! It’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to get on stage and receive excellent exposure for their business. You have nothing to lose! And, it’s free to apply.

Do companies receive coaching to help prepare for the event?

YES! Venture Atlanta is known for its quality coaching. We provide three rounds of coaching in various formats to best fit your needs. You’ll receive exposure to top CEOs who have raised money and been in your shoes as well as investors to give invaluable feedback and help with your pitch. All selected companies MUST go through at least one round of coaching. Those who think they don’t need any coaching need not apply.  


Applications Open: May 10th

Applications Close: August 3rd


Early Stage Company Pitch Off: August 15th (10pm – 4pm)

Early Stage Company Pitch Off Make-Up Day: August 20th

Companies Notified: August 23rd


Companies Announced Publicly:

Presenting Companies on September 18th

Showcase Companies on September 25th


Company Coaching:

Round 1: September 11th - 12th

Round 2: September 25th – 27th

Round 3: October 2nd - 3rd