January 18, 2018

Venture Atlanta’s 2018 “Top 10 Atlanta Companies to Watch” List

The #VATop10 List is Here!

The stage is set for 2018 to be a truly innovative time for the tech sector in particular. Self-driving cars, the Internet of Things, and robot employees are no longer figments of the imagination, but just within reach. Industry disruptors who are ahead of major consumer and business shifts are just around every corner. Below, we’ve compiled our own list of the Top 10 Atlanta Companies to Watch in 2018.



Businesses everywhere know that having access to customer data is both a tremendous asset and an enormous liability. Atlanta-based cybersecurity startup, EvidentID, offers an innovative cloud-based approach to data sharing and cryptography, providing businesses a solution to verify data without the need to handle or hold users’ sensitive personal information.


With cyberattacks on the rise and impending general data protection regulations, ensuring your customer’s information is secure is vital to business. CEO, David Thomas, was just recognized as one of Website Magazine’s Top Movers and Shakers to Watch in 2018. Now serving customers in 65 cities and 23 countries, EvidentID has no plans of slowing down any time soon.





How do parents give kids money without worrying that they’ll lose it or spend it on something they shouldn’t? Insert Greenlight, a FinTech company that’s transforming personal finance for kids with a digital experience that’s safe, convenient, and transparent. The Greenlight Card is the world’s first debit card for kids that allows parents to pick the stores and categories their children are able to spend their money on. The platform not only provides peace of mind for parents, but also serves as a valuable tool for developing financial literacy among today’s youth.


In June of 2017, Greenlight was servicing nearly 10,000 customers. In September, just two months later, the company had doubled its customers base to 25,000 customers – a significant growth milestone. The company is committed to improving how parents and children interact financially and thousands of parents across the US are choosing Greenlight to help them raise financially smart kids.


Fun fact: Greenlight’s co-founder and CEO, Timothy Sheehan, previously ran Yahoo!Finance and helped it become the most popular financial site on the Internet.





Founded in 2013, GROUNDFLOOR is on a unique mission to open real estate investments to the general population. With minimum investments of just $10 and no maximums, this unique financial product allows non-accredited and accredited investors alike to participate directly in real estate investment loans on a fractional basis. Closing the gap between the real estate investor and borrower through crowdfunding is what makes the company innovative.  

Last year, GROUNDFLOOR announced a partnership with Direct Access Capital that would allow them to both scale and expand its product portfolio. CEO, Brian Dally shared the company’s target of $100 million in loans in 2018, which is triple their current revenue growth.

Fun fact: Groundfloor just qualified under Reg A Tier 2, allowing the company to offer investments nationwide.




Quest Renewables

In an age where more heads are turning towards sustainability, everyone wants to be in the game, but often solar energy projects are abandoned because they can be too expensive to fully execute. However, Quest Renewables has developed a technology to help solar developers save time and money when installing these pricey commercial projects. Efficiency to help efficiency installations….genius.


With more than $1M in completed and current projects, they’ve already tackled a good portion of the market, including a recent project with Mercedes-Benz Stadium. When the solar canopy is installed it will generate enough electricity to power nine home games.





Founded in 2011, BitPay, came of age when Bitcoin was still in its infancy. Today, the number of consumers buying bitcoin and using it to purchase goods and services continues to grow. In 2017, BitPay’s revenue and transaction volumes nearly quadrupled over the previous year.


2018 brings lofty goals for BitPay as they plan to add additional blockchains to their portfolio. By the end of the year, the company is projected to natively support four to five new blockchains. They also plan to add their first new cryptocurrency in the next two months to help consumers avoid Bitcoin’s current high transaction fees. To meet these ambitious goals, BitPay is planning to double their current Atlanta team and add customer service and sales in their international offices.





For those seeking property management, Rented.com helps homeowners earn a guaranteed income on their second homes. Their platform connects users with over 800 professional vacation short-term rental managers making it easy to find, compare, and choose the right local manager to take care of everything from cleaning to check-ins.


It’s estimated that more than $20 billion in rental transactions fail each year due to the differing financial needs of homeowners and their property managers. After setting up a quick profile, you’ll receive offers from local property managers to see how much you could make on your property at no obligation so you can choose the best fit for you. Now operating across six continents, in over 60 countries, 42 states and hundreds of cities, Rented.com is set to disrupt the future landscape of property management.





RoadSync is providing a unique opportunity to the transportation industry with their digital payment platform designed specifically for freight handlers. The platform reduces liability for companies by offering instant payment with digital receipts to help them avoid faulty checks or tracking down outstanding payments.


Be on the lookout for a big announcement from the folks at RoadSync in 2018.





Sudu offers a frictionless technology platform that connects companies that ship freight with a network of vetted, quality truck drivers and carriers. The company’s global logistics management services increase supply chain efficiency as well as provides an opportunity for the everyday man and woman to grow their business. Their intelligent technology platform allows shippers and truckers to join the Sudu network without changing their everyday behavior hence allowing for rapid technology adoption.


The company prides itself on its dedication to helping small business owners, specifically minorities, women, and veteran-owned trucking companies. By housing all of the smaller companies under one umbrella, a larger alliance is formed and, in turn, offers these small business owners a chance at larger contract opportunities.


Fun fact: Atlanta-based rapper, TI, is an investor in the company and even made a surprise appearance at Venture Atlanta 2017 to show his Sudu support.





These days, consumers want results in real-time. From ridesharing apps to Amazon orders, customers like knowing the status of their products and services at all times. For companies with a mobile workforce, that same GPS tracking can be useful by providing quick insights into business decisions and strategies that need to be made on the fly.


Meet ThingTech, the first company to utilize IoT technology solutions for companies that need to enable real-time GPS data connectivity for existing assets, vehicles, and field service technicians. Armed with this real-time data, organizations can develop new insights into the best ways to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, and provide the best customer service experience. Current customers have documented hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings and new revenues resulting in a profound effect on the top and bottom lines of their organizations.





It’s true…cryptocurrency is completely redefining our financial landscape. The problem is that the audit and accounting standards haven’t quite caught up. Currently, over $10 billion of cryptocurrency changes hands each day. With no framework for proper tracking, reconciliation, or reporting, the crypto world is looking for a solution. That’s where Verady steps in. The company provides cryptocurrency accounting and audit technology services where financial institutions, corporations, and individuals can audit, account, and report on their blockchain assets.


Founded in 2016, Verady has conducted several successful audits in the cryptocurrency space for four years – one of the strongest track records in history.




Don’t see your company on the list? Want to nominate an awesomely innovative startup to be featured? Comment below or share your thoughts on social media with the hashtag #VATop10.

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